The Radler

2357 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL, 60614 , Logan Square
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The Radler

The Radler - Chicago

At what other Chicago bar/restaurant can you enjoy playing hammer-schlagen, a drinking game that involves hammering nails into a wooden stump? Only at the Radler can you engage in such a sport, as well as many others, while enjoying hearty German food and drink. The Radler is a fun bar but also a very good restaurant. There are, it hardly needs to be mentioned, a lot of sausages (Bockwurst, Thuringer, etc.) but also some unusually inspired offerings like mushroom doner (a vegetarian take on the classic meat sandwich so popular in Berlin) and a pretzel that tips the scales at two pounds (yes, you read that right). Of course, there’s much outstanding beer, some produced locally, like Haus Helles from Chicago’s Metropolitan Brewing, and some imported, like Stiegel Pils from Salzburg. It’s a fun place.