Chicago Restaurant: D.A.S. Preview Dinner at Table, Donkey and Stick

Buttoned up German food takes the stage on July 22 at Table, Donkey and Stick a Chicago Restaurant, wherein resident chef Scott Manley welcomes Nathan Sears of forthcoming German restaurants The Radler and D.A.S. to help host a special tasting menu. For Manley, it's a chance to partner with a likeminded chef and help show the Dining Chicago World the versatility and finesse of fine German cuisine. For Sears, it's doubly special, as it's an opportunity for him to preview what's to come at his tasting menu-only D.A.S., the tiny 10-seater tucked inside the more sprawling Radler. Through this dinner and through their individual career trajectories, both chefs are on a mission to showcase German cuisine in a modern light, depicting the region's breadth of flavors and techniques via delicious, seasonal, engaging plates. 

The tasting menu at Table, Donkey and Stick is an eight-course affair featuring dishes both saliva-inducing and confounding. The meal starts off with cured salmon, snails, and cucumber, followed by mushrooms with fennel and carrot, beef carpaccio with octopus and garlic, and rabbit with green tomatoes, corn, and beans. Things get curious around the fifth course, which features chicken, chicken, chicken, and future chicken. So I'm envisioning three different kinds of chicken served by a talking robot chicken, but that's just conjecture. Goat, beets, peppers, and caraway wind down the savory courses. A cheese course consists of a blue cheese strudel with cherries, honey, and pine, and dessert features dark and milk chocolate with peach and cinnamon. Color me intrigued.

Tickets for the menu cost $75 per person and can be purchased here.  

Table, Donkey and Stick
Table, Donkey and Stick




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