Party Helps Kickstart New German Restaurants

Anticipation is high for the duo of Bavarian restaurants coming to Logan Square from Vie vet Nathan Sears. The chef's grand ambition is a restaurant within a restaurant, featuring a larger and more casual restaurant called The Radler and a smaller spot called D.A.S. Opening one restaurant is hard enough, so having to work on two surely requires herculean effort, like giving birth to twins. The Radler is a Bavarian beer hall featuring beer-friendly German cuisine, while D.A.S. will be a much tinier operation, consisting of only a few seats and a tasting menu of fine German cuisine. In celebration of all their hard work and to raise funds, the restaurant group is hosting a "community share" kickstarter party on May 26 at Heineman Bar Company (2925 W. Montrose Ave.).

The Radler/D.A.S.

"Basically we want a ton of friends to come and share our excitement about the project, have some sausages, beer, and fun," says Sears. The party is a great way to not only support the cause and help get the restaurants open, but enjoy some good food and drinks. It marks the start of a kickstarter program to help raise funds for some projects within the restaurant space at 2357 N. Milwaukee Ave. As Sears explains, any donations are appreciated, and they've got great incentives as well. The goal is to raise $25,000 over the course of a month. By operating as a community share, the goal is to give back to the supportive community via culinary scholarship funds, farmers' market efforts, children's foundations, and more. The venue for the party has ample room for a few hundred people, so it has good potential to do some solid kickstarting. The party runs from 4:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. If all goes well, the restaurants will be up and running by August.