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Wake n' Bacon

Wake n' Bacon - Chicago

One of the newest restaurants in Chicago’s growing CBD-forward dining community, Wake n’ Bacon serves a breakfast, lunch and dinner (provided you eat early) of novel sweet and savory dishes.

CBD is derived from THC found in cannabis, but it’s non-psychoactive (i.e., you won’t get high) and it’s used primarily for relaxation, pain relief and other health benefits. CBD has been in Chicago cocktails for a few years; at Wake n’ Bacon, the CBD is in the beverages but also in some of the dishes.

As you might suspect, the Wake n’ Bacon menu presents some unusual and creative dishes designed to be eaten at any time of day.

From the savory menu, there’s the Phatty (flour burrito with crispy potatoes, scrambled eggs, black beans, cheese, house bacon, and fresh salsa verde), very suitable for breakfast; for lunch or early dinner, there’s the Wake n’ Bacon Burger (beef patty, pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions and bacon chili jam on a brioche bun).

From the sweet and savory menu, a favorite is spiced maple chicken n’ waffles (Tater Tot bubble waffles, crispy chicken thighs, spiced maple syrup, pickled peppers and green onions) and Maui WOWie (Hawaiian bread, spam, tajin-spiced grilled pineapples, chipotle mayo, and marbled egg). Some awesome options, right?!

If you’re looking for something sweet, whether for dessert or as a full meal, there’s a sweets menu with selections that include Coco Razz stuffed French toast (Brioche filled with sweetened raspberry cream cheese, topped with toasted coconuts, and pecans) and Halo Halo Chia Chia (chia pudding topped with fresh fruits and green coconut jelly and fruity pebbles).

Got the munchies? There’s a separate menu section to satisfy those urges, with snacks like Nature’s Nosh in Mint Condition, which the menu describes as a “refreshing combination of cooling mint and smooth, crunchy cacao paired with the relaxing effects of hemp extract will undoubtedly leave you feeling ‘In Mint Condition.’”

On all dishes, the sauces are the vehicles for the CBD, and you can request your meal/snack with or without CBD. The CBD is sourced from Half Day, and has a very laid-back flavor, making it a suitable and non-intrusive addition for any dish.

There are a lot of beverages available at Wake n’ Bacon, with a selection of canned and draft beers, wines, tea and kombucha. Of course, there are also cocktails, like the Pina Picante (tequila, calamansi sour mix, pineapple juice and Scrappy's Firewater Tincture.) and Citrus 99 (Hendrick's Gin, Appel's Grapefruit Cordial and Q Grapefruit).