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Son Of A Butcher Tavern

Son Of A Butcher Tavern - Chicago

One of the partners behind Black Bull, Hubbard Inn and Pearl Tavern has set sights on the Avondale/Logan Square neighborhood. Adolfo Garcia pays homage to his butcher grandfather with this project that is also inspired by butcher shops of the world, from Italian “macellerie” to Mexican “carnicerías,” Polish “sklepy mięsn” and Jewish delis.

The menu aims to embrace rare cuts of meat typically taken for granted such as pork cheek, oxtail, various sausages, meatballs and chicharron. The beverage program will offer a variety of whiskeys, classic cocktails, wines and a selection of beers. Another plan in the works is "Cuchon Days" (Saturday and Sundays), which will feature 14-hour-smoked suckling pig sold by the pound and served on butcher paper with fresh bread, corn tortillas and an assortment of sauces.