Omakase Shoji

1641 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60622
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Omakase Shoji

Omakase Shoji - Chicago

In a city with what seems like hundreds of sushi restaurants, Omakase Shoji stands above the crowd. Omakase Shoji offers a "Kappo" dining experience, which means the guests indicate what they like, and then, right in front of them, the chef cooks the meal "from scratch," and serves it to them.

"Omakase Shoji offers two tasting menus in an 'omakase room' that seats only 10 people," explains Block Club Chicago. "A casual bar in the front of the restaurant will offer cocktails and smaller bites. The chefs hope to mimic the dedication to detail of a traditional Japanese omakase."

This is a very small restaurant (as noted above, only 10 seats), but that's the kind of intimate atmosphere required by the Kappo tradition of tailoring specific plates to the individual preferences of each guest.

Food is served in kaiseki style, which means a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner that relies upon a collection of skills and techniques that allow the preparation of such meals and is similar to Western haute cuisine. For instance, at Omakase Shoji, the fish has been marinated in advance, so the guest need not bother to add his or her own soy sauce: the chef has already prepared the fish to be perfectly ready to eat when it's set before the customer.

Omakase Shoji explains, "Our menu may undergo slight changes every day because we serve the freshest fish dependent on market availability. If you or your guests have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please kindly inform us when making your reservation."

What this means is, every night can be a somewhat unexpected and surprising experience, with dishes developed based on what ingredients are available, the specific preferences of the guest and the inclinations of the chef who will craft a unique dining experience for each person.

The changing menu at Omakase Shoji presents a series of spectacularly composed dishes, as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat.