Don Bucio's Taqueria

2763 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60647
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Don Bucio's Taqueria

Don Bucio's Taqueria - Chicago

Carne asada, tacos al pastor, birria, and other meat-centric dishes are a big part of what has made Mexican food a favorite; but you won't find any of that at Don Bucio's Taqueria. Indeed, what you will find is no less delicious but entirely plant-based.

Bloom Plant Based Kitchen is behind Don Bucio's Taqueria, a new Mexican restaurant that makes their philosophy clear on their website: "Eating plant-based is monumental in living more sustainably. There is still such a limited amount of options for accessible plant-based food. Most of these options are too similar. For this reason, we have decided to open Don Bucio’s Taqueria. The Mexican culture has long revolved around plant-based eating. It is only fitting to open a taqueria that specializes in plant-based. To make eating plant-based more accessible while also not making any sacrifices."

James Beard Award-nominated chef Rodolfo Cuadros owns Bloom Plant Based Kitchen, and he's in the kitchen at Don Bucio's turning out some dishes that will make even committed carnivores quite happy.

Don Bucio's Taqueria lays out some fairly spectacular plant-based Mexican favorites.

Cuadros is offering a rotating selection of about six tacos on the menu, including a vegetable-based version of tacos al pastor made through a process Cuadros has developed that involves putting veggies, legumes, and other plants through a food processor, and then shaping the meat-free mass into a trompo, the cone traditionally made of pork. The all-veg cone is then sliced and crisped on a flattop and served in tortillas.

The Nopal Milanesa Torta uses a spicy cactus paddle in place of chicken or pork; the asada is made of forest mushrooms, and the barbacoa is jackfruit, all spiced in accord with traditional Mexican flavor profiles.

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous, Don Bucio has something tasty for you.