Dearly Beloved

, Chicago, IL,
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Bar - Club

Tapas - Small Plates

Molecular Gastronomy

Global - Eclectic

Upscale Lounge Dining

Cocktail Specialist

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Parking-Self in Lot or Garage

Wines by the Glass - large selection

Credit Cards Accepted

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Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved - Chicago

Dearly Beloved is a "cocktail restaurant," and it's delivering exceptional drinks and food, both prepared with great creativity and finesse. With a laidback cocktail lounge vibe, Dearly Beloved is designed to thrill you with drink and food you will remember.

Dearly Beloved founders Chireal Jordan and Brian Galati, Chicago Eater reports, "appreciate the power of a surprise. For Jordan and Galati, Dearly Beloved is a defiant culmination of their decades of experience in hospitality and a representation of how far they’ve come. The name Dearly Beloved itself — the opening words of a wedding ceremony and Prince and the Revolution’s 1984 hit 'Let’s Go Crazy' — is a message to Chicago. 'It’s almost like a toast, clearing your voice and tapping a glass,' says Jordan. 'We’re older, we’re smarter, and we’ve had a lot of success in the food and cocktail world. This is us clearing our throats — this isn’t an arcade bar, this isn’t Machine. May we have your attention?'”

The cocktails have been getting a great deal of attention, and for good reason: incorporating exotic, little-known ingredients, the cocktails at Dearly Beloved will stun you (in a good way). Consider, This Side of Paradise, a blend of The Reid single malt vodka, Bordiga extra dry, Giffard Banane, cacao, italian lemon oil, pink grapefruit vinegar, and melon helium foam -- this is the kind of drink that will make you open your eyes wide. Or check out, Hot and Cold Blood, with Balvenie 14yr Caribbean scotch, passionfruit, lime, triple syrup, and tres leches espuma.

The food, too, is designed to thrill. The Potato and Caviar Cigar is a shaved potato cigar, with whipped creme fraiche, chive, and Golden Kaluga caviar (Reserve Osetra for a $40 upcharge). The humorously conceived French onion ramen is superb, with short rib, French onion soup dashi, Fontina and scallion.

Dearly Beloved promises to be an unforgettable experience.