22 West Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL, 60654
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UMMO - Chicago

There's been more than a little buzz about UMMO, the new Italian restaurant opening in the Hubbard Street party zone. Aside from being located in one of the most fun parts of town, UMMA promises to be one of the city's very best Italian restaurants.

UMMO is headed up by Chef Jose Sosa, a well-known maven of contemporary Italian cuisine. Drawing upon both Italian and American influences, Sosa has won recognition for his skillful execution and creativity in the kitchen. As the Chef/Partner at UMMO, Chef Jose Sosa brings together his culinary mastery and cultural inspirations to create an exceptional dining experience.

UMMO, writes Chicago Eater, is an "Italy-traversing tribute to the cuisines of Emilia-Romagna and Puglia. Centered around live-fire cooking, Sosa’s ever-changing menu taps into the Italian habit of manipulating ingredients (sourced from around the world) as little as possible, highlighting their distinctive qualities through fresh pasta, as well as meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. Housed in the home of shuttered nightlife destination Rockit Bar & Grill, Ummo will feature two floors with a cocktail bar and vintage ‘70s-style lounge space that will host DJs, live music, and other performers."

So go ahead, amaze us: tell us what's on the menu. There are some knockout dishes on the UMMO menu. Of course, there are a few very recognizable dishes: like cacio e pepe and arancini, but Sosa has big ideas about what Chicagoans are going to dig. Ravioli di aragosta al nero di seppia are pasta pillows filled with lobster, butter, ragu, and bottarga; Agnello in due modi is pistachio-crusted lamb, braised lamb belly, ragu, mint pesto, and burnt eggplant-ricotta purée (you're going to want to share this one); battuta di manzo, Wagyū beef tartare, pickled baby carrots, caramelized onion aioli, and gnocco fritto.

For dessert, you really want to try Arancione & Campari, Campari-infused oranges, stewed strawberries, yuzu, and strawberry, Campari and orange sorbet. Wow.