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Real Tenochtitlan

Real Tenochtitlan - Chicago

Geno Bahena, the man who brought mole to the Chicago masses, is back with a new upscale Mexican restaurant in Logan Square.

In 1987, the Rick Bayless family opened the colorful, vivacious Frontera Grill in Chicago and Geno started in an entry level position for about 8 months, after which he was promoted to sous chef.  After working for three years as a sous chef, Geno became a managing chef at both restaurants, specializing in contemporary regional Mexican cooking. In 1989 came the earthy, elegant Topolobampo, one of the country’s only fine-dining Mexican restaurants. Both have been widely acclaimed, receiving awards and distinctions from, among others, Conde Nast Traveler, Holiday Travel, International Herald Tribune, Wine Spectator, Restaurants & Institutions (Ivy), Chicago, Zagat, local newspapers and trade journals.