Canton Regio

1510 W. 18, Chicago, IL, 60608 , Lower West Side
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Canton Regio

Canton Regio - Chicago

The people of Mexico eat a fair amount of meat, so it’s rather surprising that it’s not easier to find a Mexican steakhouse in Chicago; however, if you’ve been looking for steak with south-of-the-border flavors, you can end your search at Canton Regio.

From the Gutierrez family, the people who brought to Pilsen the perennially popular Nuevo Leon, Canton Regio serves a similarly Northern Mexican menu, which means delicious grilled meat.

Meats on skewers – steak, chicken, chorizo and more – have become the most popular go-to menu selections at Café Regio. Seasoned with traditional Mexican spices, these proteins are the center of any meal at this hugely popular Pilsen/Little Village restaurant.

When it comes to the red meat, the choices are many, including arrachera, fajitas and cortes de res. The arrachera is grilled skirt steak, available in half or full kilos; fajitas are the every-popular sizzling protein pieces with lots of vegetables; and the cortes de res, are traditional cuts of beef done up Mexican style, including ribeye and beef short rib.

The sides are where the Mexican spirit may be most evident: everyone loves guacamole, frijoles charros (the Northern Mexican version of refried beans) are the perfect accompaniment to grilled beef, and queso panela, grilled cheese with vegetables, is a suitable side for any of the beef options you choose.

Canton Regio is also BYOB, so you can enjoy the beverage of your choice with some of the choicest grilled meat you’ll find anywhere in Chicago. Be aware, though, that Canton Regio is cash-only (though there is an ATM inside the restaurant).