Cafe Robey

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Guests don’t want the traditional, simple hotel restaurant anymore. Young adults and forward-thinking travelers will use their purchasing power to push for better options. That’s perhaps why Chicago’s best restaurants are in Chicago’s best hotels – and here’s a list of ten fantastic hotel restaurants.


Café Robey in the Robey Hotel is an oasis of calm – and deliciousness – in the heart of Wicker Park.


IO Godfrey has a rooftop bar/lounge/restaurant with spectacular views of the city – and equally spectacular drinks and cuisine.


LondonHouse Chicago, on top of the luxury lifestyle hotel of the same name, features commanding views of the Chicago, as well as awesome dining experience.


AIRE, on the 24th floor of the Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago offers killer cocktails and big bites meant to be shared with a group.


Andiamo at the O’Hare Hilton offers travelers and locals a taste of Italy with crafted pizza, pasta and wine.

The Palm Chicago

The Palm Chicago has called the Swiss Hotel home for over 35 years. This wonderful steak restaurant has an outdoor patio and a large selection of wines by the glass.


Chi Bar in the Sheraton Chicago has a designer lounge serving American contemporary food and fabulous beverages.


Cherry Circle Room in the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel was once men-only, but now it’s one of the country’s finest and most intimate bars…and restaurants.


Travelle is in the Langham Hotel, right on the Chicago River, a fantastic location for a longtime hotel/restaurant star in Chicago.


Adorn in the Four Seasons sets a high standard for hotel restaurants everywhere: it is very, very good.



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