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Southport Cafe & Grocery


Whether gearing up for a morning meeting or grabbing a quick bite before a heavy day of sightseeing, it’s best to start your day in Chicago with a good breakfast…at one of the city’s best restaurants.


Here are ten of Chicago’s best restaurants serving the best breakfasts.


Ann Sather’s. A Swedish-American classic, Ann Sather’s is a must-stop for breakfast, whether steak and eggs or the famous cinnamon rolls.


Beatrix. With many locations and vegetarian options, Beatrix offers the healthy breakfasts we’re supposed to eat – and they’re delicious!


Rye Deli & Drink. Bagels are quintessential breakfast food, and the chefs at Rye Deli & Drink make theirs on-site using local grains, fantastic.


Southport Grocery & Café. Stop by Southport Grocery & Café for a coffee and a pancake stack or a delicious breakfast sandwich, then grab some groceries for later.


Taureaux Tavern. Stopping into a tavern first thing in the morning may seem like a bad idea, but if that Tavern is Taureaux, you can count on some spectacular options, including red meat, just right for the Financial District.


Ann Sather


Publican Quality Meats. Go to Publican Quality Meats for some of the finest breads and meats in Chicago.


Over Easy Café. A classic Chicago breakfast joint, Over Easy Café serves the classics. More coffee, Hon?


Meli Café & Juice Bar. With a Greek twist, Meli Café & Juice Bar pairs fresh coffee and juice (but you probably guessed that, right?) with pastries and other breakfast options.


Chromium. Sleek, sophisticated Chromium serves the first meal of the day in a fine dining atmosphere.


A Taste of Heaven. A comforting way to start your day, A Taste of Heaven has the breakfast favorites, just what you want.