Celebrate National Bagelfest Day at Chicago’s Best Restaurants

National Bagelfest Day is July 26, but don’t settle for a bagel from the frozen food section of your local supermarket; instead, enjoy a superior bagel (or a dozen) at one of Chicago’s best restaurants…many of which offer a lot more than just outstanding bagels.


Here are ten places in Chicago to get truly exceptional, hand-crafted bagels.


Chicago Bagel Authority shows that New York does not have a corner on the best bagels in the world.

New York Bagel & Bialy is well known to all who adore the bagel; they have a huge selection, made fresh throughout the day.


Gotham Bagels, originally of Madison, Wisconsin (!), makes bagels in the Big Apple tradition.


Kaufman’s Bagel & Delicatessen is where you’ll found house-made pickles, corned beef and…bagels.


Once upon a Bagel is a local go-to for the round bread, and it does not fail to please.


Emma’s Bagel Café in Highland Park serves a great breakfast menu, and you can always get a bagel at the center, or on the side, of your plate.


Bagel Restaurant & Deli is a Jewish deli/diner, with bagels (of course!) but also blintzes, matzo ball soup and other classics.


Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli is one of the city’s prime bagel zones, and they serve incredible bagel sandwiches.


BroBagel, sister restaurant to Piece Pizza, serves an acclaimed Garlic Bagel with Sriracha Cream Cheese…and lots of others, too.


NYC Bagel Deli carries on the proud NYC tradition of light yet chewy bagel goodness.