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Restaurant Out of Nowhere Thursdays Starts With the World's Most Expensive Banh Mi

When I'm struck by an idea out of nowhere, I tend to enter it into my iPhone notepad and inevitably forget about it forever. When innovative folks such as Matt Eversman and Isaac Newton get an idea out of nowhere, big things happen. Case in point: OON's new Out of Nowhere Thursdays series. And gravity.

OON's new specials series serves to maximize atypical ideas that Eversman comes up with, making it a fun, accessible way for guests to sample the novel inspirations spinning through the chef's head. New dishes won't necessarily be offered every Thursday, but rather Out of Nowhere Thursdays allots for other creative outlets such as guest chefs and non-OON dishes. The restaurant will post announcements a day or two in advance via Twitter and Facebook.

The series kicks off with the "world's most expensive banh mi" this Thursday. It only costs $20, so don't freak out too much. Compared to the typical banh mi, which costs pocket change, it is certainly extravagant though. As the previous chef at Saigon Sisters, Eversman knows a thing or two about a masterful banh mi, and for this ritzy interpretation he fills La Fournette baguette with 18-month aged Jamon Serrano, foie gras mousse, pork headcheese, fried duck egg, housemade sriracha, lime and fish sauce dressing, cucumber and mint relish, daikon pickle, cilantro, jalapeño, and mayonnaise. And you can feel good about indulging knowing that $1 of the cost will be donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, wherein that $1 supplies the equivalent of roughly 1.25 pounds of food to those in need.

The world's most expensive banh mi
(Behold the world's most expensive banh mi)

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The American contemporary-focused restaurant boasts the vibrant flavors of Southeast Asia. It's owned by chef Matt Eversman, who previously worked at Saigon Sisters.

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