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Via Ventuno

Via Ventuno - Chicago

Jerry Kleiner, one of the City’s most innovative restaurateurs and designers is pleased to announce the opening of Via Ventuno. This must-see restaurant in the historic South Loop neighborhood already has the feel of a classic Chicago dining destination.

Literally translating to “Street 21” in Italian, Via Ventuno is located at Wabash and 21st Street. With a focus on authentic, regional Italian cuisine, Kleiner pays homage to the historical roots of the building and neighborhood. Once a famous Capone brewery during the Prohibition era complete with hidden tunnel, Via Ventuno’s building was a frequent hangout for Capone and his cronies. Richard Lindberg, local historian and author of Return to the Scene of the Crime, notes that this building was the first place Elliot Ness raided as leader of the "Untouchables" on June 13, 1930, seizing over 200,000 gallons of illegal alcohol.

As Kleiner’s first solely owned restaurant, Via Ventuno has truly allowed him the artistic freedom to express himself in a more personal and intimate way. He and long-time partner, Marisa Molinaro, have enveloped the restaurant with personal mementos, photographs and tokens from their global travels. Similar to a painter with his oils, Kleiner has layered hundreds of décor elements throughout the space, creating depth and interest at every angle. A collection of treasures are displayed throughout the restaurant and bar, allowing guests to get a first-time glimpse into the "life of Kleiner."