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Vermilion - Chicago

Good taste is a terrine of collective memories of centuries of feasts; the gourmet inherits and further enriches this inheritance. History's menu-de-degustation has been a never ending feast, and a movable one...

... and this is exactly what Rohini Dey (Owner) chose to do -

In Vermilion, she has created an intellectually provocative cuisine that openly celebrates vibrant flavors of both Indian and Latin cuisines.

Vermilion draws heavily from the tropical and geographical overlap of ingredients, herbs and spices bringing you an array of flavors from coconut, tamarind, mango, papaya, beans, rice, guava, plantains, saffron.

Based on the historical cross-flows and migrating cross-pollination of the regions Vermilion offers a cuisine that is assertive and memorable in a fantastic dining experience.

Inspired from the Indian-Latin concept, research and tastings and canvassing colors of travel experiences on a plate, Rohini Dey and Chef Maneet Chauhan bring you a celebration of boldness and warmth of two cultures, in an upscale and sensual ambiance - Vermilion.