The Palm Court

140 E. Walton St., Chicago, IL, 60611 , Streeterville
The Drake Hotel
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The Palm Court

The Palm Court - Chicago

The elegant Palm Court is at the heart of the historic Drake Hotel, which is located in the pristine Streeterville neighborhood on Chicago's Near North Side. The highlight of the space is a limestone fountain with a 275-year-old giant bronze urn as its centerpiece. Most locals head here for the daily high tea offering, but there's so much going on at this venue throughout the year.

Twice monthly there's a salsa dance party that's complete with dance lessons. Local swing, jazz and big band collectives perform every weekend. And special events targeting kids occur on a regular basis.

But back to the afternoon tea events, which make up the bulk of the business at The Palm Court. Throughout the years, it's played host to a number of high-profile business types, celebrities and dignitaries, including Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana.

Miniature tea connoisseurs may also indulge in the festivities. The Prince & Princess Afternoon tea service, suitable for children between four and 12, is available throughout the duration of afternoon tea service.