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The Drifter

The Drifter - Chicago

There are many "secret" cocktail lounges in Chicago that regularly attract curious night-crawlers. There's The Office, the invite-only bar underneath The Aviary in the Warehouse District. You'll also find Booze Box below West Loop hot spot Sushi Dokku. And in River North, there is the titillating The Drifter, a sort of bumbling dive of a basement bar mixing booze and burlesque.

Of all places it's underneath Green Door Tavern, which has been around since Prohibition days. Yes, it was a seedy speakeasy back then, and The Drifter revives the spirit of its rouge days with a no-nonsense doorman and female bartenders.

Once you get in, you'll find that the menu changes nightly, featuring a wide array of spirits and drinks, all displayed on tarot cards. Cheeky performances are held Wednesday through Saturday on the small stage within the bar. No food is served.