Savannah Luncheonette

1654 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL, 60622 , Bucktown
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Savannah Luncheonette

Savannah Luncheonette - Chicago

Bucktown’s Savannah Luncheonette is a perfect place for relaxing cocktails and comfort food, so leave your fancy pants at home and enjoy this laid-back restaurant with some creative beverages – as well as old standbys like Miller High Life beer – and food that just might remind you of mom's home cooking.

Savannah Luncheonette is the sister restaurant to Supper Club, also owned and operated by Chef Marc Wuenschel of Hutch American Concepts, and it specializes in light meals, many of which can be shared. The open kitchen dining room combines the cooking area and the bar, and diners can get comfortable at butcher block tables and leather banquettes. It’s fun.

The food at Savannah Luncheonette is comforting rather than challenging, familiar rather than exotic, which is just what many diners are looking for during these challenging times. Get comfy with well-known, and superbly executed, favorites like Country Fried Steak with pepper gravy, cheesy potato casserole and two eggs, any style; Crispy Chicken on Brioche with seasoned fries, Cole slaw and pickle; Double Burger or just a Stack of Buttermilk Pancakes. There are also other family favorites like Deviled Eggs and Skillet Cinnamon Rolls. It’s so relaxed and easy at Savannah Luncheonette, you’re going to have to try to avoid addressing your server as “mom.” It’s an easy mistake to make.

To drink, there are juices and smoothies. You can can also go with a classic cocktail like a Cosmo or a Bee’s Knees, or select from some of the more creative options including Good & Evil (mezcal, pineapple, lime and ancho chiles) and Breakfast at Savannah’s (Savannah Gin, orange liqueur, hibiscus, lime and Topo Chico).

A place like Savannah Luncheonette seems to demand you have dessert (it’s a fun place, right?!), and we’d recommend Coconut Cream Pie or Upside-Down Carrot Cake. If you’re still thirsty, have a dessert-y cocktail like the Sweet Dream (Savannah vodka, peach bitters, blackberry-hibiscus syrup, lemon, and bubbly).

Savannah Luncheonette is a good time.