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Grange Hall Burger Bar

Grange Hall Burger Bar - Chicago

Most restaurants, whether high or low, at some point conclude they have to offer a hamburger. At Grange Hall, they don’t mess around; it’s unabashedly a “burger bar,” and they’re proud of it, with epic hamburgers unlike anything you’ve likely seen anywhere else. There’s the Berries and Brie which features a compote of the fruit, and the creamy cheese, all on top of the hamburger patty, drizzled with balsamic reduction; the Sage, a corn-flake-crusted sage-fried chicken patty with spicy avocado mayo and jalapenos, and many other mind-blowing variations of protein on a bun. Despite the down-home name, the interior is old-time elegant, with velvet curtains, lamps and comfy sofas. Before or after dinner, the Backdoor Saloon is there for relaxation and, on some nights, burlesque.