French Quiche

2210 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL, 60614 , Sheffield & DePaul
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French Quiche

French Quiche - Chicago

Don’t let the name of this restaurant fool you: there’s a lot more at French Quiche than simply some of the best quiche you will ever taste, prepared by Dominque Tougne, who gained praise and a devoted following for his outstanding cuisine at Chicago’s Chez Moi.

French Quiche is currently open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day except Monday, and dishes include a range of casual menu items, many solidly within the French culinary tradition.

French onion soup, baguettes and croissant, Mediterranean salad, Le Croque Monsieur, and crepe au chocolat are the traditional, bistro-style French classics served at French Quiche.

There are also many varieties of the quiche, the famous cheese-egg pie that can be eaten hot or cold. From Alsace, there’s the classic quiche Lorraine (bacon, onions, Swiss cheese, eggs, and heavy cream). Representing the French region of Savoy, quiche Savoyard, a delicious composition of asparagus, wild mushroom, Swiss cheese, eggs, and heavy cream – are you detecting a common theme in these pies? Reminiscent of the kind of quick and easy meal you might enjoy in the City of Light, Quiche Parisienne is Brie cheese, ham and, yes, Swiss cheese, eggs and heavy cream, and from the south of France, the Quiche Provençale, of zucchini, peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, thyme, rosemary and…Swiss cheese, eggs and heavy cream (bien sur!).

Departing from the largely French menu Tougne served at Chez Moi, the menu at French Quiche includes more international offerings, with menu items like quinoa vegetarian salad (cucumber, bok choy, garbanzo beans, carrots, parsley, mint, dried blueberry, lemon wedge and Dijon vinaigrette), Italian flat bread (pastry, tomato sauce, onions, sausage and baby arugula), and an all-American apple tart.

The tagline for French Quiche is “Coffee. Catering. Courtyard,” and French Quiche pours a particularly good selection of coffee, including cappuccino, latte, and flat white, which will keep you warm, particularly if you dine in the courtyard during the cooler months. Of course, if you prefer, Tougne can cater a personalized dinner for you in your own home which, you can count on, will be magnifique!