Elaine's Coffee Call

1816 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL, 60614 , Old Town Triangle

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Elaine's Coffee Call

Elaine's Coffee Call - Chicago

Elaine's Coffee Call, named for the switchboard operator who got coffee for playwright David Mamet when he resided at the hotel in its prior iteration, is a retro-inspired cafe with great coffee and better than average food. Located inside the Hotel Lincoln directly across from Lincoln Park,

Elaine's is adjacent to Perennial Virant, whose culinary team help fill the food menu for the coffee shop. Savory crêpes, unique sandwiches, seasonal scones, and some of the best chocolate chip cookies in the city comprise much of the food menu. Coffee comes from La Colombe, and adept baristas are well-versed in the craft of coffee. The lounge-y cafe is draped in vintage charm, from the old phones as decoration to the retro seats.