Edie's All Day Cafe & Bar

675 N. Wells, Chicago, IL, 60654 , River North
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Edie's All Day Cafe & Bar

Edie's All Day Cafe & Bar - Chicago

In River North, Edie’s All Day Café & Bar is Chicago’s newest “third place” – a welcoming space between work and home – for remote workers and professionals to come, alone or in groups, to work, relax, and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Inside, there’s a boho vibe, a carefree artistic spirit. Owner Arturo Gomez says he’s trying to create a “high energy, positive” environment, with lots of light, greenery, and wonderful food and drink.

Edie’s All Day Café & Bar aims to make everyone feel comfortable, and they’ve designed a menu with multiple options, some unabashedly healthful, others more indulgent, all designed to satisfy just about everyone. In the morning, there are breakfast options and an impressive coffee program; at lunch, many healthy options are available to keep you going during the remainder of the day; in the evening, Edie’s All Day Café & Bar transitions to more of a wine bar, with charcuterie and other wine-friendly snacks. Owner Arturo Gomez has said that he wanted to develop a menu that was “healthier,” but he assures us that Edie’s All Day Café & Bar is NOT a “health food” restaurant – it’s more like a cool place to enjoy some very good food.

For breakfast, Edie’s All Day Café & Bar lays out an array of attractive beverages, including composed coffees and teas. There are also cold-pressed juices and smoothies, like the Cold Brew Smoothies, that combine the traditional morning beverage with a blast of protein. To eat, there are many creative options, including Lox Toast and a French Toast Casserole. If you want to start your day on the healthiest note, order up the Vegan Breakfast, with dried cranberries, portobellos, pico de gallo, avocado and roasted corn – a surprisingly delicious combination we’re fairly certain you’ve never before had for breakfast.

When the lunch bell rings, there are some killer – and yet quite healthy -- salads like the Kale Caesar and the Strawberry Caprese. There are also some delightfully light and flavorful sandwiches like the BLT on seven-grain toast, grilled cheese, and chicken salad. If you’re looking for a quick, yet nutritious, grab-and-go, you’ll be tempted by selections on the Cravings portion of the menu: mixed warm nuts, burrata with spinach and crisps, and grilled carrots.

Around 3pm, Edie’s All Day Café & Bar transitions to wine bar mode, with charcuterie (soppressata, chorizo, salumi, cured duck breast and the like) as well as a number of flatbreads including the simple (red sauce, mozzarella, basil) as well as the more complex (Diavolo flatbread features spicy arrabiata, chorizo, soppressata, prosciutto and a hot honey drizzle).

To drink, there are inventive cocktails and over a dozen wines by the glass, carafe, or bottle. By the bottle, there are comfortable selections and a few that will enhance your understanding of wine, like a Jordan Cabernet or a Rombauer Chardonnay. Or you can order a beer.

Whatever time of day it is, whatever you’re in the mood to eat or drink, Edie’s All Day Café & Bar has something on the menu that will make you incredibly happy.