The Lillie Punch

  • 8 Servings
  • Category : Beverages
  • Subcategory :
  • Main Ingredient : Whiskey
  • Chef : Charlie McKenna

This whiskey-based punch is not for the weak. Proceed to drink at your own risk . . . and pleasure.


24 oz of Ommegang Witte beer (or your favorite wit or wheat beer) 10 oz of Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon moonshine (or your favorite white whiskey) 6 oz of Junior Johnson's Cherry Midnight Moon moonshine (or your favorite flavored white whiskey) 12 oz orange juice 8 oz ginger ale 8 oz lemon-line soda 24 dashes of Bittercube Jamaican Bitters #1 24 maraschino cherries



Fill punch bowl half way with ice. Add ingredients to punch bowl and stir thoroughly. Ladle into mason jars and enjoy.



Photos courtesy of Lillie's Q