Holiday Hot Chocolate

  • 1 Servings
  • Category : Beverages
  • Subcategory :
  • Main Ingredient : Frangelico
  • Chef : Shawn Thomson

Warm up with Twisted Spoke's creamy hot chocolate with boozy accents of Drambuie and Frangelico. Plus, the addition of a peppermint bark garnish adds a little Christmas mint flavor.


3/4 oz Drambuie 3/4 oz Frangelico 5 oz half and half 1 tbsp grated chocolate (sub with Hershey's chocolate chips) 1 tsp vanilla syrup 1 tsp barley malt powder (Carnation malt powder will work if you can't find barley)


Slowly bring ingredients to a boil (If you don't pay attention it will catch fire). Pull it off the heat as soon as heat bubbles start to form on the sides. Make meringue using a teaspoon of vanilla syrup and 2 egg whites. Beat to stiff peaks. This takes 2 minutes and is very easy.


First top with whipped cream, then stick into the whipped cream:

1 toasted marshmallow
1 tbsp toasted meringue (use a spoon and toast it over the stove to a light brown color)
1 piece of peppermint bark