What to Eat This Week: Scofflaw Turns Two, Pi Day, Sticky Toffee Pudding, and Meatball Contest

Happy 2nd Birthday to Scofflaw

Most second birthdays probably involve pastel-hued cake and maybe a genial clown or two, but Scofflaw is not like most. For its second birthday on March 12, the Logan Square bar is celebrating with oysters, bubbly, PBR, veggie corn dogs, root beer floats, malort, and brisket sandwiches, all for just $2! Except for the brisket sandwiches, because come on. Those cost $8. The beer taps will feature Lagunitas, the same brewery on deck for their opening menu. And because Scofflaw is such a boozy, noble angel, the bar is doling out beer and spirit merchandise to attendees. You know it's a good birthday party when the guests walk away with presents.

(Happy birthday!)

Celebrate Pi Day

Pretty much the only instance when math is fun is when pi is involved. As in 3.14, the numerical equivalent of pi, which makes mathematics downright delicious. Naturally, March 14 (3/14) is dubbed Pi Day, an apt excuse to feast on pies of both savory and sweet nature. You can bet that the apple pie featured as a special at mk The Restaurant will be unlike anything your grandma set on the window sill to cool. This version features a Honey Crisp apple turnover with apple butter, salted caramel, cheddar cheese tuile, and cinnamon ice cream. The Boarding House skews savory with three pizzas on deck for $14 each. GET IT?! Categorized as "northern California"-style pizza, options include a shrimp pizza with white sauce, mushroom pizza with truffle butter, and lamb-pork sausage pizza with housemade giardiniera. The Florentine is also getting in on the Pi Day action, albeit with more focus on the beverage side of things, offering $3.14 draft beers throughout the day.

Sticky Pastry of the Month at Floriole

The latest pastry of the month at the always-delicious Floriole Cafe & Bakery is of a sticky persuasion. Sticky toffee pudding, specifically. This English-inspired delicacy is made with milk stout-soaked apricots and dates blended into spiced cake batter and baked. Once removed from the oven, they're immersed in buttery toffee sauce and dolloped with whipped crème fraîche.

Sticky toffee pudding
(Sticky toffee pudding at Floriole)

Show Us Your Meatballs

I bet you never thought meatballs could send you on a vacation to Napa Valley. They will for one special recipient with a knack for meatball cookery. From now through April 15, Rosebud Restaurants is holding a "Show Us Your Meatballs" contest, wherein home cooks are welcome to submit meatball recipes for a chance to win big. A team of Rosebud chefs will judge the merits of each ball, narrowing down the entrants to 10 finalists for a fight to the death on June 1. Well basically. A panel of judges will select the winner at a cook-off on June 1 at The Rosebud on Taylor Street.

- Matt Kirouac