Weekend Planner: Sticky Pony Races, Derby Day, Fountainhead's Rooftop, Anniversary Brunch

Sticky Pony Races at Harry's Velvet Room

The Kentucky Derby races into action this weekend, and while you may not be at Churchill Downs, the next best thing may very well be the Stick Pony Race at Harry's Velvet Room. Taking place at 3:00 p.m. on May 2, the quirky event follows the actual televised race, wherein guests can sip on mint juleps and brown derby's. Once the race is over, it's out to the lawn to recreate the Derby in style with your very own stick pony. Interested attendees need only select their desired horse via the event's Facebook page. Cash prizes will be awarded. 

Derby Day at Old Town Social

If you'd rather just watch the Derby and eat hot brown sandwiches, then race on over to Old Town Social May 2. The day starts at 11:00 a.m. with a D.J., Woodford Reserve mint juleps, and Kentucky's famed hot brown sandwiches on special. 23 flat-screen plasma TVs throughout the 10,000 square-foot space ensure you're never far from the action once the race starts. Old Town Social also has VIP booths and a private bar area available, and cash prizes will be awarded for best Derby Day Attire for both male and female.


Harry's Velvet Room
Harry's Velvet Room


Fountainhead Opens its Rooftop

'Tis the season for one of the north side's best rooftop patios! Fountainhead unveils its rooftop garden May 1, which not only provides guests with a nice vista of Ravenswood and the surrounding neighborhoods, but also a consolidated food menu of Fountainhead favorites and an array of beer and whiskey options. New this year, Fountainhead's rooftop garden will be open for lunch every Friday at noon. 

Anniversary Brunch at Ceres' Table

In honor of one year in Lakeview, Ceres' Table is celebrating this weekend with the launch of Saturday brunch and some other specials on May 2. To commemorate the debut of Saturday brunch, Ceres' Table is serving up $1 mimosas and a whole pig roast during brunch, followed by a slew of pork dishes during dinner that evening. 
- Matt Kirouac