Weekday Planner: Hot Dog Crosstown Classic, Curious George Happy Hour, Band of Bohemia's Bar Menu and Pizza Nights at The Duck Inn

Hot Dog Crosstown Classic at Blackwood BBQ

In the spirit of summer and baseball season, Blackwood BBQ is hosting a “crosstown classic” all its own, and it’s just as all-American as the sport itself. The restaurant’s famed brisket will be available in custom-ground brisket hot dogs served in two ways in honor of Chicago’s famed crosstown classic series. From July 25 through July 29, all Blackwood locations will feature the Smoky Woo Woo (two brisket dogs on New England-style rolls topped with crunchy apple slaw and housemade pickles with spicy Kansas City and South Carolina mustard barbecue sauces) and The Big Hurt (one brisket dog with chopped brisket, smokehouse beans, and Alabama white sauce). 

Curious George Happy Hour at Headquarters Beercade

Happy hour is especially happy when Curious George is involved. Headquarters Beercade embraces their whimsical side with a new Thursday happy hour that runs from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Dubbed “Curious George goes to Headquarters,” the adorably themed event features $5 cocktails, $5 craft beer cans, $3 well drinks, and $2 Curious Shots. 


Blackwood BBQ
Hot dogs at Blackwood BBQ

New Bar Menu at Band of Bohemia

In case you needed more reasons to hit up Ravenswood’s stunning Band of Bohemia, the brewery/restaurant/bar just added a new bar menu that demands your attention. These new casual entries are great for snacking and casual weeknight dining, with comforting items like a steak sandwich with bearnaise sauce, a fried chicken sandwich, and a bacon fat gingersnap that’s frosted to look like a little pig. The bar menu is available anywhere in the restaurant, not just the bar. 

Pizza Nights at The Duck Inn

Another fun new weekly event to check out this summer is the pizza night promo taking place on Wednesdays at The Duck Inn. The clever concept has chef Kevin Hickey using excess ingredients found in the kitchen every week for pizzas served on the restaurant’s back patio. As you might expect from such a dexterous chef, these are far from your typical pizzas, with toppings that may range from uni butter to gooseberries, prawns, short rib, and morel mushrooms. Pizza nights take place on Wednesday evenings throughout summer. 

- Matt Kirouac