Weekday Planner: Farmers' Market Dinners, Cake Buffet, and Prosecco on the Patio

Farmers’ Market Dinners at Appellation

’Tis the season for farmers’ markets, with multiple versions popping up all over the city seemingly on a daily basis. In honor of the abundance of local produce, meat, dairy, and provisions, Appellation Wine Bar & Restaurant is paying homage to the Andersonville Farmers’ Market with a recurring dinner series that takes place Wednesdays through August 31. Each week, the Andersonville restaurant features a special three-course prix fixe menu inspired by the nearby market. The menu changes weekly and starts at 5:00 p.m., with 10% of proceeds from each menu going towards the LINK Up Illinois program. 


Appellation Wine Bar & Restaurant

Dinner and Dessert Event at Prairie Grass Cafe

Here are two words that should elicit cravings and excitement: cake buffet. It’s a part of an upcoming dinner and dessert event at Prairie Grass Cafe, wherein chef Sarah Stegner teams up with Cindy Kienzle of Hungry Monkey Baking Company for a feast on June 28. Starting at 6:30 p.m., the dinner provides a nice opportunity for the longtime friends to collaborate. Following dinner, the event will feature a cake buffet outfitted with double chocolate cake with whipped mascarpone buttercream, carrot cake with buttermilk caramel glaze, chocolate cake with caramel sauce, hummingbird cake, and sticky toffee cake. The buffet is $15 per person, and all other food and drink items are a la carte. 

Prosecco on the Patio at Osteria Via Stato

If there’s one way to make patio season more perfect, it’s by throwing in some Prosecco. On June 29, Osteria Via Stato toasts to the al fresco season with a bubbly event featuring 20 (!) Prosecco tastings paired with a variety of passed appetizers. It all starts at 5:30 p.m. and costs only $20 per person. The highlights of the evening will be dry, extra dry, and brut sparkling wines, plus a bubbly Italian rosé for good measure. Call Osteria Via Stato to reserve your spot. 

- Matt Kirouac