We All Scream For... Chilled Ramen

Move over, ice cream. You're not the only summertime refresher worth screaming about anymore. In a move of sheer comfort food dexterity, ramen has made the leap from wintertime staple to perpetual fixture, thanks to the onset of chilled ramen. The dish synonymous with cold-weather nourishment is now just as wholesome on hot summer days thanks to cool new menu additions at Furious Spoon and Ramen-san.  


Furious Spoon
Chilled Tsukemen at Furious Spoon

When Furious Spoon opened this past winter, there were lines down the block. In subzero temperatures, no less. So clearly people yearn for spicy, heady bowls of hot ramen. Wicker Park's hottest (no pun intended) noodle nook is now embracing warmer temps with a couple colder options. Courtesy of executive chef Shin Thompson and sous chef Robin Choi, chilled ramen creations include the Hiyashi Chuka, a Japanese staple featuring chilled ramen noodles topped with tamagoyaki, a thin Japanese omelette. There's also carrot, ham, sugar snap peas, cucumber, nori, sesame, and soy mirin dressing in the mix. Then there's the Tsukemen, chilled ramen noodles served to guests for dipping into a bowl of warm broth enriched with chashu pork belly, scallions, and nori. 

Over at Ramen-san, River North's coziest haunt is cooling things down and quenching cravings for the imminent summer weather with a new chilled menu option. The handiwork of chef Doug Psaltis, the cold Chuka ramen is made with a chilled dashi broth base, heaped with heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, fresh grated wasabi, toasted nori, chilled noodles, and thin slivers of tuna. 

- Matt Kirouac