There's a New Ice Cream Man in Town

Just when you thought the jolly jingle of the ice cream truck was a forgotten tune, along comes The Gladwell Company, a saccharine blast from Americana past. The new roving ice cream cart is stocked with artisanal versions of nostalgic ice cream treats, pedaled by a man clad in old-timey garb and a glowing smile. While you're out and about this summer, keep your eyes and ears open for the shiny white vehicle, 'cause you'll want to get your hands on these icy treats.

The Gladwell Company launched less than two weeks ago, quietly appearing at farmers' markets and street corners across the city. It was only a matter of time before the sunburned masses started to take notice of the jovial gentleman with the glistening ice cream cart. Everything about the cart is customized and pristine, from the tricycle attached to the cart to the individual ice cream wrappers. At its core, the mission of The Gladwell Company is to revive the bygone tradition of interacting with a genuine ice cream man.

Each ice cream treat is reminiscent of an ice cream bar of yore. The Gladbar is a nod to the classic chocolate-covered ice cream bars, featuring vanilla bean ice cream enrobed in a dark chocolate shell. The Dreambar is dreamsicle-esque, with vanilla ice cream covered in an Orangepop shell. Mixed berry sorbet comprises the Berribar, a lush take on a popsicle. Two chocolate cookies sandwich chocolate chip ice cream for the Wonderwich. My favorite is the Cocobar, a unique riff on a fudgesicle made with coconut milk.

The Gladwell Company
(The Gladwell Company. Photo: The Gladwell Company)