The Secret to Great Restaurants making Sushi

Long before the sushi craze swept the country like wildfire, there was a small family owned restaurant leading the pack in Old Town. When Kamehachi of Tokyo first opened its doors in 1967, few Chicagoans had heard of Sushi let alone tasted the Japanese delicacy. Committed to maintaining their stellar reputation, and top reputation Kamehachi continues to deliver with inventive signature dishes and ever sprouting new locations. In addition to three restaurant locations, you can also find a Kamehachi Sushi Bar in the Westin Chicgao, and across the street from the Sears Tower at their most recent venture, Sushi Café. All locations serve favorites such as the Green Turtle Roll (12.95), freshwater eel & tempura crunch rolled outside with cooked shrimp and wasabi tobiko, drizzled with creamy wasabi sauce. Also not to missed is the Sunset Roll (9.95) crab, avocado, cucumber wrapped outside with fresh salmon, salmon roe & sweet miso sauce. Kamehachi has quite an extensive resume of awards & reviews and their celebrity client list reads like a who’s who of Hollywood. All these accolades are well deserved as Kamehachi continues to impress, grow and satisfy even the most discriminating sushi lovers. Kamehachi locations are; 1400 North Wells Street in Old Town (312) 664-3663, 240 East Ontario in Streeterville (312) 587-0600, 1320 Shermer Road in Northbrook, IL (847) 562-0064, 320 North Dearborn in the River North Westin (312) 744-1900, and at 311 S. Wacker (312) 765-8701 in the Loop.

No longer a unique treat, sushi can be found everywhere – just peruse the aisles of your neighborhood grocery store. In fact, the word ‘sushi’ refers to the simple preparation of using wasabi, seaweed and seasoned/vinegar rice. So, what’s the secret to superior-tasting sushi? In Japan, Kaze’s Chef Macku Chan says, they eat fish that’s in season. For fish at its freshest, ask your waiter for their seasonal catch. Where to go? Check out these places for some of Chicago’s best.

 Know Before You Go…

Sushi is prepared many different ways – to get the most out of your dining experience, become familiar with these terms: Nigiri: Hand-formed sushi in which a topping of your choice sits on a mound of rice. Sometimes bound with a think band of seaweed. Maki: Rolled sushi formed by a bamboo mat and typically wrapped in seaweed. Inari: Deep fried tofu a.k.a. Aburage, stuffed with sushi rice. Sashimi: Sliced or prepared raw fish.










Tastin’ Tapas Adding a little bit of glamour to Fullerton Avenue is Tsuki. The cool lounge space is the perfect place to warm up next to the fireplace. Offering more than just maki, this Lincoln Park hot spot serves up their Japanese cuisine tapas-style. Split the Sunomono Moriawase ($8.95), which consists of shrimp, octopus, whitefish, and chef’s choice of scallop or crab with dashi vinaigrette sauce. Another pleasing plate is the Maguro Nuta ($7.95), made with fresh tuna, asparagus, cucumber skewers and miso mayo sauce. Rolls range from $3.50 to $13.50. Try the Crazy Tuna ($9.50), made with tuna, albabore tuna, super white tuna and red tobiko – you won’t be disappointed! After sampling Tsuki’s delights from the sea, cleanse your palate with some Mochi Ice Cream from Hawaii ($6.50) or try the Mixed Berry Mousse ($5.50). Celebrating a special occasion? Private dining with seating for 12 is available at the back of the lounge. Tsuki is located at 1441 W. Fullerton. For more information, call 773.883.8722 or visit