The Latest Steak News: SteakBar Opens, GT Prime Pushed to Summer, a Los Angeles Restaurant Expands

Just in case you were afraid Chicago wouldn’t be able to top the epic year we had in steakhouses last year, fear not. Along with another hot steakhouse opening this week, there’s more steak news on the horizon to salivate over. 


SteakBar; photo by Barry Brecheisen

Firstly, it’s time to head to Old Town for your next steak fix. The first big steakhouse opening of the year is SteakBar, a massive undertaking from two big-name restaurant and bar groups. It’s a joint venture from Four Corners Tavern Group and Hogsalt, who together represent quite an impressive portfolio of bars and restaurants all over town. SteakBar is their first collaboration, with more to follow (next up is a Mexican concept under construction in the West Loop), and they’re going big for their debut. 

SteakBar is a multi-level, multi-tiered endeavor in the heart of Old Town on Wells Street. Hogsalt’s Brendan Sodikoff spearheaded most of the food, evident in menu items he has a proven penchant for. His pedigree as owner of Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf bodes well for the steak dishes at SteakBar, accompanied my more casual fare like steak nachos, sandwiches, and even General Jane’s chicken, which is a carryover item from his other spot, Au Cheval

Accenting the food is an upbeat, casual beverage program presided over by the dexterous bar masterminds of Four Corners. This isn’t their first Old Town outing either, with their other popular bar Benchmark just up the street. Cocktails on draft are a fun focal point at SteakBar, featuring versions of things like Manhattans and Daiquiris. 

The space is quite striking as well, divvied into multiple areas over multiple floors. There’s a den-like lower level, a main dining area, and an enormous spiral staircase leading to an upper lounge area with killer views of Wells Street. 

Altogether, SteakBar is a welcome departure from the standard high-class, high-price tag steakhouses that have been opening around town of late. 

In other steakhouse news, it was just announced that a lavish Los Angeles brand, BOA Steakhouse, will be expanding to Chicago at some point in the not-too-distant future, with local restaurateur Jason Chan attached. 

Additionally, GT Prime has officially been pushed to a summer opening timeline. A liquor license has been applied for, so the wheels are most definitely in motion. The new concept from the Boka Restaurant Group looks to be the next red-hot steakhouse in the pipeline. 

- Matt Kirouac