The Latest and Greatest in Chicago Brunch

Chicago's ever-growing brunch scene is as dynamic as it is varied and delicious. There's always something new popping up and going on with brunch menus these days, as more and more restaurants strive to put their own stamp on the weekend tradition. Here are the latest brunch happenings in Chicago this week:


Your latest brunch destination

Latinicity Launches Brunch: The hulking food hall on the third floor of Block 37 in the Loop is good at many things. It has great cocktails at the bar, a well-oiled tapas restaurant, several food stalls, a market, a coffee shop, and even an art gallery. So it makes sense to add brunch to the mix. Starting February 21, brunch will be served every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at Latinicity. Unlike any brunch program in Chicago, this one is in line with the food hall's sprawling format, wherein brunch dishes will be available at each food stall throughout the floor. Guests can rove around as they please and order a la carte or they can opt for unlimited food and two brunch cocktails for $25, or unlimited food and fountain drinks for $17. Crazy bargain. Brunch dishes look to be some of the most unique we've seen in a while, including the egg aeropuerto made with crispy noodles, fried rice, meats, seafood, poached egg, and chaufa sauce; the waffle bacon burger with Belgium-style waffle, choriburger, bacon, chipotle cheese sauce, and pico de gallo; and breakfast tacos filled with fried egg, short rib barbacoa, adobo mashed potatoes, caramelized onions, avocado, and pickled fresno. For brunch cocktails, expect tequila-based Bloody Marias, Micheladas, and mimosas made with lavender and pear puree. 

Autre Monde Cafe & Spirits Updates its Menu: Steak & eggs, breakfast flatbreads, and spaghetti carbonara are some of the newest additions to Autre Monde's brunch menu, and some of the newest reasons for you to set your alarm on Sundays. The weekend menu is already chock full of unique and enticing dishes, like lamb hash, and now there's more to love about this Berwyn destination. The steak & eggs features wood-grilled steak with fried eggs and chimichurri, while the flatbread contains caramelized onions, lardon, and eggs. The carbonara skews classic, outfitted with handmade pasta, black pepper, lardon, egg, and Parmesan. Brunch cocktails are equally special, with newcomers like the Rosemary Sour with bourbon, lemon, maple, and rosemary; and the Astoria Rosa with gin, Acha Spanish Vermouth, Mezzodi Amaro, and orange bitters. The kids' menu has some exciting new additions as well, from Nutella French toast to Spanish croquetas. Brunch is served every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. 

Drink Up at Band of Bohemia: Anyone who has yet dined at Ravenswood's new "culinary brewhouse" knows that drinking is paramount. Be it house-brewed beers, intricate cocktails from an Aviary vet, or a meticulous coffee program, you can't go wrong with the beverage program here. With their recently launched brunch, the Band has some pretty cool a.m. cocktails to join the roster. Chief among them is the Bohemian Hooch #2, a drink made with apple cider liqueur, apple bitters, lemon, Saigon tea, rye, and a flavorful rim of salt, sugar and lemon zest.

- Matt Kirouac