Sweet of the Week: Croquetes de Xocolata

By the end of a somewhat gluttonous lunch at Mercat a la Planxa recently, I thought I might be too full for dessert, but then I remembered I am me and that's impossible. We were presented with a long plate lined with marshmallow-y, chocolatey morsels as part of Mercat's croquetes de xocolata. I've heard strong word of mouth about these croquetes before, so I was eager to see what they were all about. They reminded me of modernist s'mores, but the real surprise comes when you pop one of these puppies in your mouth. Because when was the last time your s'more contained banana marshmallows and rosemary-infused caramel?

The first thing you should know when approaching the croquetes is that you must eat them in one bite, as if you're slurping an oyster. For such dainty tidbits, they feature a complex amalgam of ingredients and textures, all of which shine when enjoyed in unison, like synchronized swimmers. A velvety banana-infused marshmallow serves as the base for each bite, bedecked with a thimble-sized milk chocolate croquete. Each one is swirled in rosemary caramel and Arbequina olive oil. Scoop it all up and toss it back. Surprise! The chocolate is kinda molten and melty and awesome, as if it's been freshly warmed over a campfire. The caramel adds herbal complexity, and the fruitiness of the olive oil accentuates that of the luscious banana marshmallow. I'll have s'more please.

Croquetes de xocolata
(Croquetes de xocolata)