Sweet of the Week: Brownie Sundae at Floriole Cafe & Bakery

Is there such a thing as brownie rehab? Because I think I need that. As I've stated before, I have long had a love affair with brownies, starting off as a childhood lunchbox snack and evolving into a somewhat crippling addiction as an adult. It's tough to pinpoint my favorite brownies nowadays (Sophie, I have a newfound empathy with that choice of yours, girl), but if someone were to hold a bazooka to my head and demand I reveal my favorite brownie, I would tell them to go to Floriole Cafe & Bakery.

The brownies at Floriole are sublime in their simplicity. Made with Valrhona chocolate, pastry chef/owner Sandra Holl keeps her brownies straightforward, so as to showcase chocolate in its finest form. I love her brownies as is, gobbled greedily as soon as I leave the bakery. But Holl managed to take it up a notch at her most recent pizza dinner. The cafe recently instated pizza nights every Friday and Saturday, wherein two pizzas are served, along with appetizers and desserts. Last week, I had the pleasure of punctuating my meal with a brownie sundae. This is elevated TGI Fridays food at its finest, featuring morsels of brownies strewn about in a bowl with chocolate sauce, ginger ice cream, and whipped cream so silky and smooth, I wish I could make a Snuggie out of it. Chocolate and ginger are two flavors I don't often find flirting with one another, but the combo works fantastically, with the zesty spice of the ginger juxtaposed nicely alongside the rich chocolate.

Brownie sundae
(Brownie sundae at Floriole. Photo: Matt Kirouac)