Surf's Up in the Kitchen

Personal chefs can be a gamble. You never know if the person you're hiring is a Jacques Pepin in the making or an imbecile who doesn't even know the difference between an artichoke and a Jerusalem artichoke for God's sake. I mean, jeez. Kitchensurfing to the rescue! This innovative personal chef service is already popular in New York City, the Hamptons, Boston, and Berlin, and this summer it splashed onto the scene in Chicago. 

The cool thing about Kitchensurfing is that it's almost like online dating, but with personal chefs and no chance of an awkward date. The website is set up as such that it allows users to peruse the catalog of chefs and select their top choice via direct message or by filling out a match request based on date, cuisine, and budget. It's like Christian Mingle. Find God's match for your belly! Once you've selected your chef, they will suggest menus and formats, and users can make customizations per their specific preferences. Payments and logistics are all processed through Kitchensurfing's secure transaction engine, attended to by 24/7 customer service professionals. 

Kitchensurfing boasts an impressive arsenal of candidates, with alums from top-tier restaurants ready and willing to personalize your event. And they can be as personal as you like, from a lavish dinner for two to a boisterous summer shindig for your whole brood. Surf's up, dude!
(Chef Marianne Sundquist prepares bites as a Kitchensurfer)