Summer Farmer Series at Gather

Here's a surefire way to up the ante on farm-to-table dining: bring the farmer to the table! That's what Gather has in store this summer with its forthcoming farmer series, wherein chef Ken Carter will partner with a different local farmer each month to curate seasonal specials, capped off with special monthly dinners hosting said farmers. It's a veritable summer soiree of Midwestern ingredients at their zenith, featuring partner farms such as Spence Farm and Mick Klug Farm. Spence is up first, starting June 1, as Carter prepares to create daily specials utilizing the cream of the crop from the Livingston County, Illinois, farm. The restaurant will also have the opportunity to request specific crops be planted and harvested exclusively for Gather.

Gather is not new to the local farm scene. Carter regularly crafts dishes inspired by fresh farm products, so this collaborative endeavor is the next logical step and a great way to take advantage of the bounteous products that blossoms through the summer months. His regular menu will remain in place, adjoined by the special dishes derived from the farm partnership du jour. Some specials will last a day, while others may stick around a bit longer. It's up to what Carter's inspiration (and Mother Nature) dictates. Each monthly collaboration will culminate with a special dinner exclusively showcasing the partner farm. These menus will be à la carte, but entirely devoted to the featured farm. The inaugural farm dinner takes place June 26, repped by Marty and Kris Travis from Spence Farm.

(Photo: Gather)