Restaurants Cook Up Inspired Menu Themes

Everyone loves a little fantasy. Even if said fantasy involves Medieval brutality. Actually, especially if the fantasy involves Medieval brutality. Fortunately, fans can indulge their sense of adventure and wonder from a safe (and delicious) vantage point as a couple Chicago restaurants roll out unique theme menus inspired by some of the most popular and beloved stories of olden and modern times. 


Game of Thrones-inspired characters for a Game of Thrones-inspired menu. Photo via Elizabeth.

The most modern of the two comes via Elizabeth, a tasting menu-oriented nook in Lincoln Square popularized for its wholly unique take on seasonal, locally sourced (and occasionally foraged) cuisine. The restaurant, run by chef Iliana Regan, explores bold new territory in the coming months when Elizabeth unveils its Game of Thrones-inspired menus. In line with the HBO show's fifth season, the 12- to 15-course menus will be on hand in April and May, featuring dishes indicative of Medieval folklore in all their hearty, robust glory. Diners are encouraged to dress up if they'd like, and the best part is no one will be getting beheaded! All in all, it's a fun and relaxed departure from the seasonally inspired norm for Elizabeth, a restaurant that has proven itself as a fine dining gem for its own reasons. 

Speaking of beheadings and dinner, Chez Moi in Lincoln Park is also cooking up a theme menu of its own. This one derives inspiration from Marie Antoinette, which is playing at the nearby Steppenwolf Theatre. The aptly dubbed "Let Them Eat Cake" menu is available now through the show's close on May 10, featuring three courses for $45. For groups of six or more, the restaurant will also include a complimentary Kir Royale and vegetarian options, and anyone who brings in a ticket stub from the performance will receive 10% off their bill. The menu includes a first course of oeuf meurette with foie gras, followed by a rack of lamb with gratin dauphinois. Gateau Breton is for dessert, served with salted caramel sauce and fromage blanc ice cream. 

- Matt Kirouac