Restaurants Celebrate Earth Day in Chicago

Once you're done stuffing your mouth with Easter eggs and lamb, it's time to move on to greener pastures and greener eating. Earth Day is April 22, a day to celebrate Mother Nature and our planet through eco-friendly initiatives. This is a lot more delicious when tasty food deals are involved. Although not a major food holiday, there's still plenty to get hungry (and thirsty) for on Earth Day, and the best part is you can feel good about eating knowing that you're making the world a better place.

Owen + Alchemy
(Owen + Alchemy's green juice)


Owen + Alchemy: Element Collective's forthcoming seasonal cold-pressed juice cafe is the ideal spot to borrow inspiration from for Earth Day. With a focus on sustainability, healthy living, and responsible sourcing, partners Jared Van Camp and Anne M. Owen pave the way for a greener future in Chicago. And although they are not yet open, the juicery is proud to offer up the recipe for a "Simple Everyday Green Juice," featuring four green apples juiced with four cups of spinach, three stalks of celery, two kale leaves, and lemon juice and sea salt to taste.



Go to Hannah's Bretzel and visit Scott Perin: The mini Chicago chainlet of wholesome pretzel-based sandwich shops goes green on Earth Day by donating 25% of its revenue on April 22 to Chicago's Academy for Global Citizenship and their organic food initiatives.


The Green Tie Ball

Support Gateway Green and keep Chicago beautiful, about Gateway Green:

We lead urban beautification and greening projects that make a positive environmental and aesthetic impact on Chicago. Ultimately our work leads to improved quality of life through healthier living. Our sustainable landscaping, litter removal and native plantings on hundreds of acres along transportation corridors help improve air quality, protect our water, and restore the beauty of Chicago – making us feel good about our surroundings and breathe a little easier, too.

MAK: Eating chicken wings and falafel has never felt so altruistic. When you order the chicken "wangs" or falafel with wing sauce at MAK on Earth Day, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Rebuilding Exchange.

Fortune Fish & Gourmet: Not a restaurant per say, but Fortune Fish & Gourmet's laudable Earth Day incentives merit attention. The intensive purveyor is adopting a beach for Earth Day, followed by a clean-up day on April 24 at Fullerton Beach. One of the most visible and popular beach areas in Chicago, Fullerton Beach was an easy choice for Fortune Fish through the Adopt-A-Beach program. The company can now remove litter from the beach as well as conduct beach health assessments in order to educate the public and maintain upkeep along the waterfront.

- Matt Kirouac