Pear Brandy and Cooking Classes at NAHA and Brindille Chicago Restaurants

For the third year running, NAHA restaurant prepared to bring back its custom pear brandy, while sister restaurant Brindille readies its cooking class sylLabus for the first time ever.

NAHA's pear brandy process is quite lengthy, but well worth the annual strife for the restaurant, which has been acquiring the stuff for three years every fall. The restaurant received its supply of pear brandy bottles this week from Templeton distillery in Iowa. Previously, they were shipped off to Seedling Orchard in Michigan, where the bottles were attached to budding pears so that the fruits can grow inside. Once they're the right size, they are snipped and sent to the restaurant. NAHA prepares the bottles and passes them to Chicago's Koval Distillery, where all the brandy infusion magic happens. It takes a while to process, but the finished pear brandy debuts at NAHA around Christmas. Expect pear brandy in baked goods, cocktails, and thirsty mouths.

Pear brandy bottles at NAHA
(Pear brandy bottles at NAHA. Photo: NAHA)

Up the street at Brindille, chef/owner Carrie Nahabedian is excited to offer cooking classes this fall and winter. Topics are custom per group, with a focus on how to throw a great dinner party. Pastry chef Craig Harzewski will also teach a class on how to make his exquisite desserts in your own home, and bar director Steve Carrow and wine director Rachel Lowe will chime in on beverage tips. No firm dates have been set yet, but classes will ensue at 9:00 a.m. at Brindille and finish with lunch at noon. Classes are limited to eight guests and the cost will be approximately $125 per person. For more info, call 312-321-6242 or email