One Off Hospitality Group’s Publican Anker

One Off Hospitality Group to open Publican Anker. Publican Anker the newest member of the much-loved Publican brand, is One Off Hospitality Group’s rendition of the perfect bar room. Located in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood (1576  N. Milwaukee Ave.), the bar naturally evolved from The Publican Fulton Market’s interpretation of a beer hall. The name, Publican Anker, originated from an old Dutch and German term referring to the unit of measurement used for spirits, wine and beer. Staying true to the name, guests can expect a bar program styled after backyard parties serving atypical affordable wines alongside a diverse beer program steeped in classic brewing traditions. 

Paul Kahan of Publican Anker
Paul Kahan of Publican Anker


The menu will feature bold seasonal vegetables and bar food in the spirit of The Publican, as well as raw and roasted shellfish and snacks for the drinker. Whether sitting at the bar for a round of German lagers, standing with friends over a bottle of Muscadet and oysters or enjoying a full meal at a spacious booth, Publican Anker is a refuge from the chaos of Milwaukee, Damen and North Avenue.