Mark Steuer Spearheads New Pantry Provisions Company

Mark Steuer is going farm-to-cabinet. The chef of Carriage House and The Bedford is poised to broaden his culinary breadth with the forthcoming debut of a new kitchen provisions company, G & C Pantry Co. Soon, you'll be able to feel a little bit better about your rampant hot sauce addiction (you know who you are) knowing that a talented chef was behind it, diligently brewing up some of the tastiest, most wholesome sauces around. Steuer is joined in his endeavors by his right-hand man at the restaurants, Sean Spradlin, and together the duo have got some spicy tricks up their chef coats.

G & C Pantry Co.

The idea for G & C Pantry Co. originated with the intent to bottle just a couple hot sauces, and like most good ideas, it grew to grander ambitions. To kick things off, the chefs will premiere two kinds of hot sauces and a concentrated kitchen brine later this month. For sauce, Steuer and Spradlin are cooking up sweet potato and smoked jalapeño varieties, with new sauces to debut as the seasons progress. As for the brine, it's an opportunity to supply something essential in the kitchen, yet so oft overlooked. Since it comes concentrated, it's ready for use with poultry, pork, or seafood pre-cooking with the addition of water, or even with vegetables for pickling with the addition of water and vinegar. In addition to sauces and brine, the chefs aspire to keep adding to their line of wares with more non-perishables and condiments so as to provide a wider gamut of kitchen goods. Considering Steuer's Charleston roots, G & C pays special homage to the South, with a notable sense of Southern twang in the provisions.

Distribution of G & C Pantry Co. provisions is to begin in Chicago, with an online shop soon to follow and additional markets throughout the country. The company will also be in attendance at Dose Market on November 24 and at Tasting Table's Open Market at Block 37 on December 5 and December 6, so you can get an early taste.