Make Room for Dessert Dinner

Calling all chocoholics. It's that time of year for you to relapse. The Chicago Fine Chocolate & Dessert Show is coming soon, taking place October 18 through October 20 at Navy Pier, turning one of the city's largest tourist attractions into a veritable Wonka wonderland. To kick off the chocolate festivities, an impressive roster of pastry hicago's best chefs are poised to host a Room for Dessert dinner at Storefront Company on Monday, October 14. Participants include Thomas Raquel of Acadia, Elissa Narrow of Perennial Virant and Vie, Meg Galus of NoMI Kitchen, Patrick Fahy of Sixteen, Kym DeLost of Storefront Company, and Courtney Joseph of Takashi and Slurping Turtle. Together, they form the inaugural Celebrated Pastry Chefs Council. In other words, they're the X-Men of Chicago pastries, and they're the perfect kickoff for the Chicago Fine Chocolate & Dessert Show to follow.

Celebrated Pastry Chefs Council
(Celebrated Pastry Chefs Council)

Dinner kicks off at 7:00 p.m., although "dinner" should be in quotations considering its dessert focus. Remember when mom would never let you eat cookies before dinner because you might spoil your appetite? This is where you make up for all of that. The best part about being an adult is being able to eat dessert for dinner as you please. Each pastry chef will offer a specialty dessert course paired with wine. Yes, there will be savory bites in between so that you don't start spinning like a sugar-addled top, but make no mistake that dessert is first and foremost. Room for Dessert costs $50 per person, with proceeds going towards Icing Smiles, an organization that provides custom cakes to families with ill children. Tickets can be purchased here.