Last-minute Stocking Stuffers

Waxy, thoughtless chocolates are tantamount to coal. If your loved ones have been nice this year, why not reward them appropriately with stocking-stuffers that don't feel like a grocery store candy aisle afterthought? There are several bakeries and sweets shops in Chicago slinging reputable confections that would make for killer last-minute stocking fodder. Here's where to get your fix.

Amy's Candy Bar
(Stock up at Amy's Candy Bar. Photo: Amy's Candy Bar)

Confections don't get any nicer than those at Angel Food Bakery. The nostalgia-laden Ravenswood bakery is open Christmas Eve until 3:00 p.m. As the name of the bakery implies, this place is heaven for all things sugary and lovely, with special holiday treats such as sugarplums, assorted candies, marshmallows, and gift boxes available along with their usual roster of stellar cookies, whoopie pies, housemade Twinkies, and lots more.

Housemade candy bars, cake balls, jellies, cookies, and a myriad of other sweets are on hand at West Town Bakery & Diner. This time of year, the place basically looks like Santa's workshop, but with candy in place of toys. Pretty much any sweet craving you may have can be satisfied here, so stuff those stockings!

Amy's Candy Bar is the stuff of stocking dreams. The candy haven is filled to the brim with anything and everything you could want to fill a stocking, from housemade caramels and candy bars to nostalgic Americana sweets and international imports, such as peppermint creams from England. Festive ribbon candy and "reindeer corn" (like candy corn, but Christmas-colored) make for some particularly festive goodies, while outre candies such as gummy turkey feet are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Another quintessential stocking-friendly spot is Candyality. The aptly named shop traffics in a wonderland of candies, from super old-school American confections to novel items the likes of which you've never seen. So you can load up on Charleston Chews along with Candy Crush-themed candy boxes. Candyality's also got special Christmas baskets.