Land and Sea Dept. Takes Over the Museum of Contemporary Art

Solidifying their reputation as a machine of ingenuity and cool, Land and Sea Dept. has aligned with the Museum of Contemporary Art to take up residence for a day (October 2) as the inaugural incarnation of MCA Prime Time. This new quarterly event series makes its debut this Friday, featuring a wide gamut of businesses from the inimitable Land and Sea portfolio, including Lost Lake, Cherry Circle Room, and Parson's Chicken & Fish


MCA Prime Time
Land and Sea Dept. takes over the Museum of Contemporary Art. Photo: Land and Sea Dept.

From 7:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. on October 2, Land and Sea takes over the museum with music, food, drink, art, video, a mini mart, and more. Let's start with the most appetizing portion of the event, the food. Bars and eateries will be popping up throughout the museum for the occasion. Parson's will be slinging food and boozy slushies on the museum's outdoor cafe, underneath the bar's signature red-white umbrellas. Picnic tables will also be in attendance. 

Logan Square's dynamic duo of Lost Lake and Thank You., the tiki bar and Chinese takeout spot, will also be at the museum, featuring tiki tipples from Paul McGee along with snacks from Thank You. chefs Jennifer Jackson and Justin Tootla. Longman & Eagle will be featured in the museum, doling out more drinks and more food, plus doughnuts courtesy of pastry chef Jeremy Brutzkus. 

Lastly, Land and Sea Dept's latest masterpiece, Cherry Circle Room from the Chicago Athletic Association hotel, will be on hand with its signature cocktail creations at a pop-up bar. Again, McGee will have the opportunity to showcase his venerable mixology skills. 


Lost Lake
Lost Lake will also be in attendance

And all of that is just the food and beverage. In case that wasn't enough to whet your appetite, MCA Prime also features a variety of other entertainment for the evening. Electronic music artist Dan Deacon is headlining the event with a live performance. Other musical features include a sculptural speaker wall called Impala Sound System, DJ's, and performances from the likes of Ryley Walker, Elliot Bergman, Quin Kirchner, Alexandre de Cunha, Domestic Animal, and Afterfglowings. 

In terms of art installations, there will be a spectacular video program on display in the main lobby, orchestrated by Lilli Carré, Paul Nudd, and Philip Vanderhyden. Mike Rea will be performing a mixed media piece, Josue Pellot will showcase a sculpture, and Jeremiah Chiu will display an interactice art piece called "Smartphone Symphony." 

Attendees are encouraged to get more personal with a live screen printing station courtesy of HIT+RUN. California-based artists Brandy Flower and Michael Crivello will be crafting made-to-order tees and totes at the event. 

Finally, don't miss the LSD Mini-Mart. Situated on the museum's ground floor, the makeshift mart serves as an homage to MCA Prime Time's theme of collaboration, featuring a miscellany of art, design, records, objects, and more. 

This is a museum experience you don't want to miss. Visit here for more info and tickets

- Matt Kirouac