It Might Still be Winter, But These Cocktails Are Keeping Things Hot

February isn't a very comforting month, weather-wise. That's why Chicagoans rely on food and drinks to soothe our souls and warm our spirits. The best way to do this is through hot cocktails, naturally. Here's a handful of warm and toasty newbies to sip on while we wait out the rest of winter: 


Bombardino at Eataly

Through the end of the month, Eataly is transporting guests from Chicago to a cozy ski lodge with its themed pop-up, ZABOV. At said pop-up, the Italian spot is serving a drink called Bombardino, which is a traditional Alpine winter drink. It's made with ZABOV egg-based liqueur, brandy, whipped cream, and cinnamon. The cocktail is popular throughout Italy at ski lodges, and after one sip you'll see why. Head to the second floor of Eataly to experience the goodness.

There's a whole crop of warming cocktails gracing the menus at Headquarters Beercade. So now while you're playing arcade games, you can sip on cocktails like the Bad Grandpa, a riff on mulled wine made with Cabernet, Port, orange peel, and mulling spices; the Hot Apple Pie with apple cinnamon-infused Jameson, brown sugar, compound butter, and salted whipped cream; and the Yoga Pants, which features pumpkin spice, brandy, milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg whipped cream.

Cider season isn't over yet! In fact, it's just starting to heat up at Pinstripes, where the "Nutty Cider" has landed on the drink list. It's a heady seasonal drink made with hot apple cider and Frangelico, and you need it in your life. 

And lastly, who doesn't love a good hot buttered rum. The classic winter warmer doesn't get any finer than the version at Scofflaw, which tastes like liquid dessert. The lingering spice notes are a particularly nice touch. 

- Matt Kirouac