INK'D Dinner at Atwood Cafe

It was only a matter of time before tattoos and food officially got in bed together. I've seen the tattoo reality shows that are curiously identical to the Top Chef format. I get it. After all, tattoos and cooking are both artistic mediums, so it makes sense they would team up for a day of aesthetic and edible artistry for Atwood Cafe's INK'D Dinner. Taking place July 29, in honor of Atwood chef Derek Simcik's 30th birthday, partakers will have the opportunity to literally get inked at Code of Conduct before traveling to Atwood Cafe for a tattoo-themed five-course dinner.

Tattoos aren't for everyone, so tattoo naysayers can skip the pre-dinner ink session and just participate in the dinner, which starts with cocktails at 5:00 p.m. and commences at 6:30 p.m. Tattoo-lovers, however, can make their way to Code of Conduct at 3:30 p.m for a chance to get inked. Tattoos are commissioned on a first-come, first-served basis and cost $65 for regular tattoos and $15 for temporary tattoos. Only people who purchase dinner will get a chance to get tattooed. Cocktails and small bites will be on hand during the tattoo sessions, and complimentary transportation will be provided to and fro Atwood Cafe.

Now back to dinner. The meal is a five-course affair with drink pairings for $85. First five folks to make a reservation receive a $100 gift certificate to Code of Conduct. All proceeds go towards the Chicago Food Depository. To make a reservation call Atwood Cafe.

INK'D Dinner