Honey Pie at Bang Bang Pie Shop: Sweet of the Week

Without question, fall is pie season. But while apple and pumpkin pies get most of the spotlight, there's lots more pie to be had, equally deserving of said spotlight. One such pie is the honey pie at Bang Bang Pie Shop, a dense cheesecake-y indulgence heaped with fruit compote and general feelings of quaint emotions and comfort. 

Bang Bang Pie Shop
(Honey pie at Bang Bang Pie Shop)

Honey isn't often an ingredient that gets top billing in a dish. More often than not, it's relegated to supporting status, used as a subtle sweetener alongside other ingredients. Always the bridesmaid, never the bridge. UNTIL NOW. Kudos to Bang Bang Pie Shop for acknowledging honey's capabilities and putting it front and center in one of their new fall pie flavors. It lends a piquaint sweetness and mild floral spice to a pie that would otherwise be insanely indulgent and rich. This is primarily due to the cheesecake-like density in the body of the pie, heaped inside a buttery graham crust. Richer than Richie Rich. But in comes the honey to slice through that decadence a bit, making it all too easy to inhale the entire thing in seconds, Golden Girls-style. Another component that helps balance the dessert is the fruit compote, which was strawberry when I had it. It's a hefty dollop of preserves layered atop the pie, lending a splash of fruity tang. And since I love strawberry preserves more than fresh strawberries, this was a heavenly finale to an already celestial dessert. 

- Matt Kirouac